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Nardinclant is an early 20st-century manor house that is restored to its original splendour. It attracts admiration and attention for its beautiful features, especially the historical garden. The work of the renowned landscape gardener Leonard Springer shaped and curved the design which can be visited today.


Because of its beauty but also its historical value. It offers the longest flower-laden pergola in Holland. Layers of lush texture and bright colours flourish in the garden in Laren.
In 1984 it was proposed to have the garden included in the heritage list of monumental Dutch gardens. This is because:
The garden serves as an example of the (Dutch) “Decorative Style”. This style, where the buildings in the garden are an integral part of the design of the garden, forms an important part of the history of Dutch garden design. The garden was designed by Leonard Springer and the original design drawings are kept in the national library in Wageningen.
The garden is typical for early 1900 (Decorative Style) and the following buildings are still intact:
The striking pergola from the main house to the teahouse.
The teahouse itself.
The stairs to the lower terrace of the gardens.
The terrace with ‘balustrades’
The square water basin.

The fact that these buildings and the garden remain still largely intact is what makes it so special. Nardinclant is one of the few examples of this decorative garden style design that has been well-preserved to the present day.
The garden design and the original list of plants and trees is kept in the Wageningen library.


The estate Nardinclant was founded by Klaas Groesbeek at the turn of the last century. Klaas Groesbeek is one of the most remarkable figures that the Dutch bookstore Scheltema has known. Scheltema flourished under his command.
He also was a very successful art dealer. He looked after the Amsterdam part for Van Wisselingh and operated an art trade and craft studio in Amsterdam. He catered for important clients in the US and Canada, whose works of art from large collections can be seen today in the important museums.
He also nurtured many artists. For example, Breitner had been under contract with Groesbeek for over 30 years and they were good friends. Little details about their relationship (for example, that Breitner asked Groesbeek for a sponge and soap when he was sick and needed care) can be read in letters kept in Dutch archives. Another protégé was the artist van Disselhof.


In bygone day’s artists, writers and merchants built summer houses in ’t Gooi, well removed from Amsterdam, to which they retreated for the summer. As travel became more convenient and less expensive, residents could commute to Amsterdam daily, and ’t Gooi became a suburb. The lovely gardens and manor houses remained, however, giving the region its reputation as the garden of Amsterdam - hence Nardinclant the Amsterdamgarden.


Nardinclant is the medieval name of the region “’t Gooi” where the mansion is located. “’t Gooi” is an affluent area close to Amsterdam. “’t Gooi” was first called Naerdinckland (Nardinclant) and later “Gooiland”. So, the house is named after the (ancient) name of the region.


After Klaas Groesbeek Nardinclant was bought by the Jhr. Cornelis Röell. And at some point in history the garden at Nardinclant served as an inspiration for nuns. The daughters of wisdom bought Nardinclant to serve as one of their communities. At 1-8-1958 the chapel and the house at Nardinclant were blessed, to serve as a nunnery for the daughters.


In more recent years, Nardinclant belonged to private families. The current owner dedicates Nardinclant to beauty. "Historic, poetic, and iconic; a refuge dedicated to beauty". They look after nature, beauty and history for for guests to enjoy. Nardinclant brings you tranquility, peace and awareness. A new discovery, through accommodation and wellness services. art- and garden tours.
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Experience Nardinclant, the Amsterdam Garden
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Nardinclant is the Outdoor Hideaway you want to escape to. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be wowed.
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You no longer look at the surrounding greenery from a distance, but rather you move in the middle of it and make yourselves part of the whole.
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Services include premium wellness facilities such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and a private tennis court.
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A gift from nature. A phenomenon can be admired only a short distance from our 4 bungalows at Ameland. A stretch of beach has become overgrown entirely. All kinds of breeding birds and dozens of types of plants, including very rare ones, have turned this stretch of beach at Ameland (Ballum) into a special nature reserve.
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