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The front of the mansion


Near the entrance of the Nardinclant mansion is the fountain where the water flows up and down. It is where energy and opportunities enter our homes and our lives. The garden tours all start at this fountain.
The side terrace – wintergarden


The walk from the front of the mansion to the main garden runs via the side terrace: the wintergarden. In this area, is created shadow and pockets to grow plants and keep food cool in the icehouse. The historic icehouse goes deep into the earth and is very cold. Leonard Springer used symmetry in the design of the garden and even here: it creates order - peace.
The terrace - main garden


Guests are in awe when they arrive at the main terrace. It is like the curtains open to wonderland - but this is Nardinclant. The design of the main terrace, with the upper garden and stairs leading to the lower garden where the square water basin resides, is paradise. It is not just an aesthetic experience, a living painting or some marvellous billboard. But a garden you walk into, and then you are immersed. As you move towards what draws your attention, you see something else that makes you stop and look. But it is not something you just look at; it is something you experience - the story is the walk.
The pergola and teahouse


The pergola at Nardinclant is long, exceptionally long. It leads from the winter garden to the tea house and the rock garden. It acts as a transitional space, adding shade and privacy while maintaining a sense of openness. It facilitates breath-taking views of the main garden. It makes you feel as though you are a spectator looking in from the outside. But the pergola itself is a stunning structure. The handsome pergola of brick pillars at Nardinclant was incorporated in the original garden design of 1919, and is one of the most extensive pergolas in Europe. Walk through the pergola and experience a distinctive feel of Europe from a bygone era.
The rock gardens and berceaus


From the teahouse to the rock garden are two arched lanes with arched trees. These are two berceaus: A path with hedges on both sides, which are connected at the top to create a kind of tunnel. Leading to the forest pond making you feel welcome. Berceaus date back to when it was fashionable for “well-to-do-ladies” to look as white as possible. In such a berceau one could walk outside and still stay out of the sun. That feels surreal today. Including the rock garden. Remnants of the 1919 rock garden are still visible. Because of the changes in the adjacent area, it creates a totally different view. It is now almost a mystical place, especially in the morning sun. It inspires you to think and meditate because it has been left undisturbed for so long. The rocks and the walls make a beautiful decor against the green of the pond, the moss, and the trees of the forest.
A gift from nature. A phenomenon can be admired only a short distance from our 4 bungalows at Ameland. A stretch of beach has become overgrown entirely. All kinds of breeding birds and dozens of types of plants, including very rare ones, have turned this stretch of beach at Ameland (Ballum) into a special nature reserve.
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